Website Design

Need a website?


Whether you're a business or an individual, I'm here to help you get your website designed and online. I will take care of all the technical necessities, so you don't have to.


Firstly, I will discuss your website requirements and expectations, then a fixed price quote will be given. A deposit of 50% will then be required so that I can begin working on your website (once a deposit is received, I am fully committed to your project, receipts are always provided). The other 50% is payable when you're satisfied that your website is finished and ready to go online.


If you have already purchased your domain and/or hosting, I will upload/launch your website for you at that place (regardless of where you are hosted). If you don't have this, or don't know what it is - don't worry as I will explain and provide it for you.


What do I need to do?


  • Explain (or provide examples) of your branding/colours that you would like to be used for your new website. A 50% deposit will be required, and you will be sent a draft of the design, this is to make sure everything is to your liking and matches what you had in mind. If not, I will amend the design as necessary until you are satisfied.
  • You will need to provide the text content for the pages of your website (this can be provided to me via email), you can also send images that you have taken (or own) that you wish to be included on your new website.


How long will it take for you to make my new website?


Most websites are completed and online within two weeks. Once a deposit is received, I am fully committed to your project and can begin work on your website. Changes are made at your discretion until you are satisfied that the website is complete.


When do I pay you? How much?


A 50% deposit will be required for me to commit and begin working on your website (a fixed price quote will be given in our first conversation). The other 50% will be payable when the website is complete and you are satisfied that it is ready to go online.


The price of your website will depend on how many pages your new website requires, and if any special features are needed.


As an example, a 5 page website would consist of five separate pages, potentially titled as "Home", "About us", "Services", "Testimonials" and "Contact us".



Call David today on 07584 188790 to discuss your new website.

Alternatively, you can click the button below to use the "Request a quote" form.



  • Website Redesign

    Already have a website, but want a fresh look?


    If you already have a website and are looking for a new design, you have come to the right place. By redesigning your website to a modern standard you will be displaying your companies reputation for quality which will help attract new clients. This quality of work and focus guarantees a website that is well designed, highly functional and geared towards the specific industry or service you represent.


    You may have innumerable reasons to redesign.

    But ask yourself a few questions:


    • Are you satisfied with the look of your current website?
    • Does your website look outdated or uninsteresting?
    • Is the website user-friendly and engaging?


    By giving your current website a redesign you will only pay a one-off fee.

    Please call/email for an accurate quote for your new website.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Want your website to be found on Google?


    Search Engine Optimisation plays a crucial role in a websites success, if done correctly then your website will not only reach a larger audience but it can help target the correct audience. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo rank websites on many different factors, some can be expertly influenced to ensure that you get noticed above the competition.


    By being on the first page (or even as the first result) of a search engine is sure to boost traffic for your website, certain companies pay big money to appear at the very top when the user searches for their field or industry (paid advertisements). However, there are ways to appear first within the organic results thanks to SEO knowledge.


    Maverick Web Development has successfully helped various websites with their SEO.


    If you are looking for an SEO expert to help boost the exposure of your existing website then get in touch to find out what can be done.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Need help integrating Social Media in to your website?


    Social media can be a websites best friend, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter not only give people a platform to talk with friends but also to highlight their favourite hobbies and trends.


    If made easy, the visitor of a website can click a "Like" or "Share" button which puts a link to your webpage on their feed for their friends to see. This is the "word of mouth" of the internet, many people share and recommend articles, websites and even products they have viewed online.


    It goes without saying that this could be marketing at its best, after all, we tend to confide in recommendations from people we know!


    If requested, Maverick Web Development can integrate social media buttons in to your website to help gain exposure.

  • Hosting and Domain name registration

    What is "hosting"?


    All websites need hosting - think of it as a container where your website is uploaded and stored (on a server). When the website is on the server, it is available globally for everybody to visit. All websites need hosting so that they can be seen on the internet.


    If you have a website already then you will currently have (some kind of) hosting. For customers setting up a new website for the first time - hosting will be required, Maverick Web Development has hosting space ready for you to use! (yearly charge applies).


    What is a "domain"?


    A domain is a website address (e.g. It is usually in the form of "" or ".com". Your new website will need a domain, I can purchase and provide this if you have not already purchased it yourself - just let me know what you would like (e.g.

  • Website Updating

    Need an expert? Lost touch with your previous designer?


    If you already have a website and need something changed on your website - I can help.


    Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. You will need the access details for your website (commonly known as "FTP" details), these details can be found by logging in to your account with the company who hosts your website (if you have trouble finding the "FTP" details, I will be happy to work with you in order to find them).


    All you need to do is contact me and explain what you would like changed on your website. A quote for the work will be provided depending on what needs doing.